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3828Air Temple2006$100
3829Fire Nation Ship2006$150


Exclusives & Misc. Sets

Platinum Mask of Light (AVOHKII)2003$7500
14K Gold Mask with Display Box (HAU)$800
Sterling Silver Mask with CoA (KRANA-KAL XA)$100
White Metal Mask with CoA (KRANA-KAL XA)$10

Employee Exclusives

Exclusives & Misc. Sets

14k Solid gold LEGO brick 2x4 brick in Display Box (LEGO Employee brick)$3500


Chamber of Secrets

4726Quidditch Practice2002$20
4727Aragog in the Dark Forest2002$15
4728Escape from Privet Drive2002$75
4729Dumbledore's Office2002$75
4730Chamber of Secrets2002$200
4731Dobby's Release2002$15
4733The Dueling Club2002$30
4719Quality Quidditch Supplies2003$30
4720Knockturn Alley2003$80
4841Hogwarts Express2010$75

Exclusives & Misc. Sets

4842Hogwarts Castle2010$150
Harry Potter Gallery 1 (Potter, L. Malfoy, Lockhart, Madame Hooch)2002$50
Harry Potter Gallery 2 (Hagrid, V. Dursley, Crabbe, Ron Weasley)2002$50
Harry Potter Gallery 3 (Dumbledore, Ginny Weasley, D. Malfoy, Snape)2002$50
Harry Potter Gallery 4 (Tom Riddle, McGonagall, Dobby, Goyle, Hermione)2002$50
Chamber of Secrets Kit (4730, 4709, 4705)2002$300
Sorcerer's Stone Kit (4702, 4704, 4701, 4705, 4709, 4706, 4711)2002$400
Coca Cola Harry Potter Gift Set (4727, 626, 4731, 4721, 4726, 4735)2002$100
Harry Potter Quidditch Tower (Toys R Us Event Exclusive)2002$15
Deluxe Hogwarts Kit (4709, 4729, 4730)2003$300
65524Hogwarts Express Co-Pack (10132, 4515, 4520)2004$650
Marauder's Map Kit (4750, 4751, 4695)2004$100
Knight Bus Collection (4755, 4695)2004$20
5000068Harry Potter Classic Kit (4865, 4866, 4867)2011$20

Goblet of Fire

4762Rescue from the Merpeople2005$150
4766Graveyard Duel2005$300
4767Harry and the Hungarian Horntail2005$150
The Durmstrang Ship2005$140
The Durmstrang Ship with Bonus Mini - Figures (Target exclusive)2005$140

Order of the Phoenix

5378Hogwarts Castle2007$350

Prisoner of Azkaban

4750Draco's Encounter with Buckbeak2004$30
4751Harry and the Marauder's Map2004$25
4752Professor Lupin's Classroom2004$50
4753Sirius Black's Escape2004$80
4754Hagrid's Hut2004$75
4755Knight Bus2004$50
4756Shrieking Shack2004$200
4757Hogwarts Castle2004$300
4758Hogwarts Express2004$100
10132Motorized Hogwarts Express2004$425

Sorcerer's Stone

4701Sorting Hat2001$25
4702The Final Challenge2001$35
4704The Chamber of the Winged Keys2001$65
4705Snape's Class2001$40
4706Forbidden Corridor2001$100
4707Hagrid's Hut2001$60
4708Hogwarts Express2001$80
4709Hogwarts Castle2001$225
4723Diagon Alley Shops2001$40
4711Flying Lesson2002$15
4712Troll on the Loose2002$30
4714Gringott's Bank2002$50
4721Hogwarts Classroom2003$30
10217Diagon Alley2011$100


Crystal Skull

7624Jungle Duel2008$25
7625River Chase2008$60
7626Jungle Cutter2008$75
7627Temple of the Crystal Skull2008$150
7628Peril in Peru (Toys R Us Exclusive)2008$65
7196Chauchilla Cemetery Battle2009$40
BrickMaster (SDCC 2008 exclusive)2008$35

Raiders of the Lost Ark

7621Indiana Jones and the Lost Tomb2008$70
7622Race for the Stolen Treasure2008$80
7623Temple Escape2008$130
7195Ambush In Cairo2009$15
7683Fight on the Flying Wing2009$75

The Last Crusade

7620Indiana Jones Motorcycle Chase2008$20
7197Venice Canal Chase2009$30
7198Fighter Plane Attack2009$50

The Temple of Doom

7199The Temple of Doom2009$110
7682Shanghai Chase2009$75

Jurassic Park

1370Raptor Rumble2001$75
1371Spinosaurus Attack2001$100

Spongebob Squarepants

3825Krusty Krab2006$50
3827Adventures in Bikini Bottom2006$65
4981Chum Bucket2007$60
4982Mrs. Puff's Boating School2007$50
3830The Bikini Bottom Express2008$25
3831Rocket Ride2008$70
3832The Emergency Room2008$55
3833Krusty Krab Adventures2009$15
3834Good Neighbours at Bikini Bottom2009$30

Star Wars

Clone Wars

Anakin's Jedi Starfighter - Black Box2008$45
Hailfire Droid and Spider Droid - White Box2008$45
7673MagnaGuard Starfighter2008$35
7674V-19 Torrent2008$40
7675AT-TE Walker2008$150
7676Republic Attack Gunship2008$225
7678Droid Gunship2008$65
7679Republic Fighter Tank2008$90
7680The Twilight2008$70
7681Separatist Spider Droid2008$75
Anakin's Jedi Starfighter - Clone Wars White Box2008$45
7748Corporate Alliance Tank Droid2009$100
7751Ahsoka's Starfighter and Vulture Droid2009$100
7752Count Dooku's Solar Sailer2009$30
7753Pirate Tank2009$40
8014Clone Walker Battle Pack2009$15
8015Assassin Droids Battle Pack2009$10
8016Hyena Droid Bomber2009$20
8018Armoured Assault Tank (AAT)2009$80
8019Republic Attack Shuttle2009$75
8036Separatist Shuttle2009$25
8037Anakin's Y-Wing Starfighter2009$60
8039Venator-class Republic Attack Cruiser2009$100
10195Republic Dropship with AT-OT2009$300
30004Battle Droid on STAP2009$5
30006Clone Walker2009$10
8085Freeco Speeder2010$15
8086Droid Tri-Fighter2010$15
8088ARC-170 Starfighter2010$40
8093Plo Koon's Starfighter2010$20
8095General Grievous' Starfighter2010$30
8098Clone Turbo Tank2010$75
8128Cad Bane's Speeder (Target Exlcusive)2010$50
30050Republic Attack Shuttle - Mini (Brickmaster exclusive)2010$5
7868Mace Windu's Jedi Starfighter (Walmart Exclusive)2011$20
7869Battle For Geonosis (Toys R Us Exclusive)2011$20
7913Clone Trooper Battle Pack2011$5
7914Mandalorian Battle Pack2011$5

Episode I: The Phantom Menace

7101Lightsaber Duel1999$25
7111Droid Fighter1999$15
7121Naboo Swamp1999$20
7131Anakin's Podracer1999$30
7141Naboo Fighter1999$40
7151Sith Infiltrator1999$40
7161Gungan Sub1999$70
7171Mos Espa Podrace1999$125
7115Gungan Patrol2000$25
7124Flash Speeder2000$20
7155Trade Federation AAT2000$125
7159Podracer Bucket2000$100
7184Trade Federation MTT2000$140
7126Battle Droid Carrier2001$40
7186Watto's Junkyard2001$300
7203Jedi Defense I2002$20
7204Jedi Defense II2002$20
7660Naboo N-1 Starfighter and Vulture Droid2007$35
7662Trade Federation MTT2007$300
7663Sith Infiltrator2007$40
7665Republic Cruiser2007$150
4485Sebulba's Podracer & Anakin's Podracer - Mini Set2003$10
4491Trade Federation MTT - Mini Set2003$10
4493Sith Infiltrator - Mini Set2003$10

Episode II: Attack of the Clones

7103Jedi Duel2002$30
7113Tusken Raider Encounter2002$25
7133Bounty Hunter Pursuit2002$85
7143Jedi Starfighter2002$40
7153Jango Fett's Slave I2002$175
7163Republic Gunship2002$275
65153Jango Fett's Slave I with Bonus Cargo Case (7153)2002$300
Geonosian Fighter - Black Box2003$75
Geonosian Fighter - Blue Box2004$300
4481Hailfire Droid2003$65
Hailfire Droid and Spider Droid - Black Box2008$40
4487Jedi Starfighter & Slave I - Mini Set2003$15
4490Republic Gunship - Mini Set2003$15
4495AT-TE - Mini Set2004$15
20009AT-TE Walker - Mini Set (Brickmaster exclusive)2009$15
20010Republic Attack Gunship - Mini Set (Brickmaster exclusive)2009$5

Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

7250Clone Scout Walker2005$50
7251Darth Vader Transformation2005$50
7252Droid Tri-Fighter2005$20
7255General Grievous Chase2005$90
7256Jedi Starfighter and Vulture Droid2005$60
7257Ultimate Lightsaber Duel2005$250
7258Wookiee Attack2005$150
7259ARC-170 Starfighter2005$65
7260Wookiee Catamaran2005$175
Clone Turbo Tank - Light-Up Mace Windu2005$250
Clone Turbo Tank - Non Light-Up Mace Windu2005$200
7283Ultimate Space Battle2005$350
65771Episode III Collectors' Set2005$100
6205V-Wing Fighter2006$20
7654Droids Battle Pack2007$20
7655Clone Troopers Battle Pack2007$20
7656General Grievous' Starfighter2007$35
7661Jedi Starfighter with Hyperdrive Booster Ring2007$100
7671AT-AP Walker2008$100
6966Jedi Starfighter - Mini Set (Polybagged)2005$5
6967ARC Fighter - Mini Set (Polybagged)2005$5
8031V-19 Torrent - Mini Set (Polybagged)2008$5
20006Clone Turbo Tank - Mini Set (Brickmaster exclusive)2008$5
8033General Grievous Starfighter - Mini Set (Target Exclusive)2009$5
20007Republic Attack Cruiser - Mini Set (Brickmaster exclusive)2009$25

Exclusives & Misc. Sets

3340Star Wars #1 - (Emperor Palpatine, Darth Vader, Darth Maul)2000$35
3341Star Wars #2 - (Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Boba Fett)2000$35
3342Star Wars #3 - (Chewbacca, Biker Scout x 2)2000$15
3343Star Wars #4 - (Battle Droid Commander, Battle Droid x 2)2000$10
Clone Wars Pack (7654, 7670) - San Diego Comic Con Exclusive2008$75
Collectible Display Set 1 - San Diego Comic Con Exclusive (Ahsoka, Clone Trooper, Mace Windu)2009$80
Collectible Display Set 2 - San Diego Comic Con Exclusive (Luke Skywalker - Jedi Knight, Admiral Ackbar)2009$80
Collectible Display Set 4 - San Diego Comic Con Exclusive (General Grievous, Asajj Ventress, Count Dooku)2009$80
Collectible Display Set 5 - San Diego Comic Con Exclusive (Snowtrooper, Darth Vader, Han Solo - Hoth)2009$80
Collectible Display Set 3 - San Diego Comic Con Exclusive (Chewbacca, Luke Stormtrooper, Han Stormtrooper)2009$80
Collectible Display Set 6 - San Diego Comic Con Exclusive (Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Clone Trooper)2009$80
Republic Dropship Mini / AT-TE Mini Brickmaster Pack - San Diego Comic Con Exclusive2009$60
Holo-Brick Archives - San Diego Comic Con Exclusive2009$35
CubeDude - The Clone Wars Edition - San Diego Comic Con Exclusive2010$40
Star Wars Advent Calendar - San Diego Comic Con Exclusive2011$60
2007 Star Wars Celebration IV Set (Darth Vader & Royal Guards)2007$350
2005 Toy Fair Anakin Promotion2005$1250
2013 Toy Fair Yoda Diorama2013$350
2005 Toy Fair V.I.P. Gala2005$500
2005 Toy Fair Luminara Unduli Promotion2005$1150
2010 Star Wars Celebration V Set2010$100
2012 Celebration VI Boba Fett Tin2012$100
2012 SDCC Darth Maul Tin2012$100
2012 NYCC Luke Skywalker Tin2012$80
1999 Toy Fair Promotional Diorama - Darth Vader & Luke Skywalker1999$5000
2009 Toy Fair Promotional Diorama - Darth Vader Chrome2009$350
Han Solo Indiana Jones Transformation Chamber$500

Expanded Universe

10131TIE Collection2004$150
7664TIE Crawler2007$35
7667Imperial Dropship2008$30
7668Rebel Scout Speeder2008$30
7672Rogue Shadow2008$100
8087TIE Defender2010$15

Original Trilogy: Episode IV, V, VI

7128Speeder Bikes1999$25
7140X-Wing Fighter1999$50
7150TIE Fighter & Y-Wing1999$50
7104Desert Skiff2000$20
7134A-Wing Fighter2000$25
7144Slave I2000$50
7180B-Wing at Rebel Control Center2000$50
7190Millennium Falcon2000$250
7106Droid Escape2001$20
7127Imperial AT-ST2001$30
7146TIE Fighter2001$40
7166Imperial Shuttle2001$100
7119Twin-Pod Cloud Car2002$15
7139Ewok Attack2002$30
7142X-Wing Fighter2002$100
7152TIE Fighter & Y-Wing2002$100
7200Final Duel I2002$30
7201Final Duel II2002$15
4475Jabba's Message2003$45
4476Jabba's Prize2003$50
4477T-16 Skyhopper2003$20
4479TIE Bomber2003$75
4480Jabba's Palace2003$175
Imperial AT-AT - Black Box2003$150
Imperial AT-AT - Blue Box2004$225
Rebel Snowspeeder - Blue Box2003$40
Rebel Snowspeeder - Original Trilogy Box2004$40
Mos Eisley Cantina - Blue Box2003$100
Mos Eisley Cantina - Original Trilogy Box2004$125
X-wing Fighter - Blue Box2003$150
X-wing Fighter - Original Trilogy Box2004$165
10123Cloud City2003$500
Millennium Falcon - Blue Box2004$300
Millennium Falcon - Original Trilogy Box2004$200
7262TIE Advanced & Y-Wing (Toys R Us Exclusive)2004$50
7263TIE Fighter2005$60
7264Imperial Inspection2005$200
6206TIE Interceptor2006$40
6207A-Wing Fighter2006$45
6208B-Wing Fighter2006$80
6209Slave I2006$100
6210Jabba's Sail Barge2006$350
6211Imperial Star Destroyer2006$250
6212X-Wing Fighter2006$55
7658Y-Wing Fighter2007$40
7659Imperial Landing Craft2007$40
7666Hoth Rebel Base2007$100
10178Motorized Walking AT-AT2007$200
10188Death Star2008$250
7749Echo Base2009$25
7754Home One Mon Calamari Star Cruiser (Toys R Us Exclusive)2009$60
7778Midi-Scale Millennium Falcon2009$30
8017Darth Vader's TIE Fighter2009$40
8038The Battle of Endor2009$75
10198Tantive IV2009$125
30005Imperial Speeder Bike (Toys R Us Exclusive)2009$5
8083Rebel Trooper Battle Pack2010$5
8084Snowtrooper Battle Pack2010$5
8089Hoth Wampa Cave2010$20
8092Luke's Landspeeder (Walmart Exclusive)2010$15
8097Slave I2010$75
8099Midi-Scale Imperial Star Destroyer2010$30
8129AT-AT Walker (Toys R Us Exclusive)2010$100
66366Star Wars Super Pack 3 in 1 (7749, 8083, 8089)2010$75
3219TIE Fighter - Mini Set2002$3
4484X-Wing Fighter & TIE Advanced - Mini Set2003$5
4486AT-ST & Snowspeeder - Mini Set2003$5
4488Millennium Falcon - Mini Set2003$25
4489AT-AT - Mini Set2003$10
4492Star Destroyer - Mini Set2004$10
4494Imperial Shuttle - Mini Set2004$10
X-Wing Fighter - Mini Set (Polybagged)2004$10
Boba Fetts Slave I - Mini Set (Polybagged)2004$10
TIE Interceptor - Mini Set (Polybagged)2004$10
8028TIE Fighter - Mini Set (Polybagged)2008$5


8007Technic C-3PO2001$50
8008Technic Stormtrooper2001$30
8009Technic R2-D22002$30
8010Technic Darth Vader2002$65
8011Technic Jango Fett2002$30
8012Technic Super Battle Droid2002$25
65081R2-D2 / C-3PO Droid Collectors Set (8007, 8009)2002$100

Ultimate Collector Series

7181TIE Interceptor2000$400
7191X-Wing Fighter2000$700
10018Darth Maul2001$400
Rebel Blockade Runner - Black & White Box2001$900
Rebel Blockade Runner - Colored Box2001$700
10026Naboo Starfighter2002$250
10030Imperial Star Destroyer2002$950
10129Rebel Snowspeeder2003$400
10134Y-wing Attack Starfighter2004$350
10143Death Star II2005$750
10174Imperial AT-ST2006$100
10175Vader's TIE Advanced2006$150
Millennium Falcon - 1st Edition Box2007$1500
Millennium Falcon - 2nd Edition Box2007$1400
10186General Grievous2008$80
10215Obi-Wan’s Jedi Starfighter2010$60
10212Imperial Shuttle2010$175
10221Super Star Destroyer2011$300
10227B-Wing Starfighter2012$125


Batman - Generation One

7779The Batman Dragster: Catwoman Pursuit2006$75
7780The Batboat: Hunt for Killer Croc2006$150
7781The Batmobile: Two-Face's Escape2006$150
7782The Batwing: The Joker's Aerial Assault2006$140
7783The Batcave: The Penguin and Mr. Freeze's Invasion2006$300
7784The Batmobile: Ultimate Collectors' Edition2006$150
7785Arkham Asylum2006$275
Commemorative Limited Edition Batman Announcement2006$75
7786The Batcopter: The Chase for Scarecrow2007$150
7787The Bat-Tank: The Riddler and Bane's Hideout2007$150
7884Batman's Buggy: The Escape of Mr. Freeze2008$100
7885Robin's Scuba Jet: Attack of The Penguin2008$50
7886The Batcycle: Harley Quinn's Hammer Truck2008$80
7888The Tumbler: Joker's Ice Cream Surprise2008$200
Batman and Joker (SDCC 2008 exclusive)2008$75

Spider Man & Studios

1374Green Goblin2002$30
1376Spider-Man Action Studio2002$45
10075Spider-Man Action Pack2002$100
4850Spider-Man's first chase2003$50
4851Spider-Man - The origins2003$150
4852Spider-Man - The final showdown2003$150
4853Spider-Man's Street Chase2004$75
4854Doc Ock's Bank Robbery2004$100
4855Spider-Man's Train Rescue2004$100
4856Doc Ock's Hideout2004$100
4857Doc Ock's Fusion Lab2004$75
4858Doc Ock's Crime Spree2004$75
4860Doc Ock's Cafe Attack2004$75